Jay Groce Photography | Colorado Senior Pictures


Senior Picture Session - What's included:

  • 1.5 - 2 hour shoot at any location in the greater Denver area
  • a full set of edited digital images, both in print size and in web size for sharing
  • a set of prints valued at $100
  • submission of photo, including any fees, to your high school

Why Jay Groce?

  • My shoots are really fun - if nothing else, I'll keep you entertained
  • I edit for realism
  • My up-front costs mean no surprises, and no images you love but can't afford
  • Read below to learn more, then maybe you'll come up with some reasons of your own



You can schedule an appointment right here on this site by using the widget or going to the appointments page. We'll both get email notifications, and can add the appointment to our google calendars. It's fun and easy - try it now !!!  You can also call me at 303.618.1950 or email me at jaygrocephotos@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. The best pictures will be when the sun is low in the sky - so either early morning (before 10) or late afternoon (after 4).  I like to fill those spots first, and I like to shoot on the weekends when people are relaxed, so think about that when calling to schedule.  

Clothing / Appearance

I don't care how many outfits you bring - but I do recommend you wear something that makes you feel like you - and something that makes you confident about your appearance. Also, long sleeves are better. If you want to incorporate something from your high school activities, do it. But, if you want to play the tuba while zip lining across the Royal Gorge, we'll need to have a talk about logistics.  

I don't do hair and makeup, because I'm a dude, and I would likely do a really bad job. I'll make sure your hair isn't in your face (unless it is meant to be there), and that you look great.  One tip - don't wear makeup with mica in it - it reflects weird. Google "wedding makeup" for tips on makeup that is good for photography.

Get plenty of sleep the night before the shoot, and show up ready to tackle the world. If that means you have to stop for coffee, I would mention that I like coffee drinks - the more sugar the better. If you show up feeling great about how you look, it will come through in the pictures. If you show up tired, or stressed, or uncomfortable, that will be evident as well. I'll make you look amazing, so be ready to be amazing.

I have the specs for senior pictures for most of the schools in town, so I'll be thinking of those as I'm shooting - you don't need to worry about that. 









Because we live in Colorado, I shoot outside.  I spend my weekends looking for interesting places to shoot, but I'm always open to new ideas, so if you've got some, let me know. We're lucky to have a good mix of just about anything you'd want as a backdrop for your senior pictures, so put some thought into it. I like juxtaposition, so while I won't force anything on you, I will ask you to bend some rules, and push some boundaries. It makes for good pictures. See my Locations page for some ideas.

Siblings / BFFs

Obviously, yes, if that makes you more comfortable. If they're going to stress you out, leave them at home. My wife and I had our senior pictures taken together (26 years ago), and I still remember that day.  It's a big day, so choose wisely.  I'll schedule two seniors together if they like, but since I'm going for a total picture count (and the pics of you two together don't count toward that), I'll still need to shoot the same amount of pictures of each person, so it will take longer than one shoot (maybe less than two shoots.)  If you are a parent with two seniors (lucky you), I'll cut you a deal because ... college. 







Print Sales

I do sell prints on my site. They're $5 -$10 for the regular size prints, and a little more for larger prints.  I am not a print seller, I am a photographer. I will upload your pics to a secure section of my site so you can see them, and order prints if you like.  I make a buck or two per print.  If you'd rather order somewhere else, that's cool.  I can recommend some good sites for ordering prints online, which will save you my cut - good if you're on a budget and don't mind uploading and managing that yourself.  I don't recommend Sams/Costco for pictures of people - the colors can be hit or miss.

Appointments (again)

You can schedule an appointment right here on this site by using the widget or going to the appointments page.  You can call me at 303.618.1950 or email me at jaygrocephotos@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. Just wanted to mention that again here toward the bottom of the page.








Lastly, I don't take pictures of people because it pays lots of money (it doesn't), or because I love spending my weekends working (I don't). I take pictures of people because I like to do fun things, I like to be creative, and I like to act a little nutty - photographing people allows me to do all of these at once. But, there is a caveat - you have to show up ready to either entertain me, or to be entertained by me. No sour moods, only laughing and some smiling here and there.  Also, everyone gets one shot in a Fedora, because Fedoras are cool.


So, that's Jay Groce in a nut shell. I don't want you to select me as a photographer because I am the cheapest, or the coolest, or because someone said you should. I want you to select me as your photographer because you love the images that I make - be it the style, or the feelings they give you, or whatever.  Portraits are about people. This business is about making people happy about themselves.  If I can't do that, I've failed as a photographer. I continually push myself to make amazing portraits, because those are the only kind that really matter. If you agree, give me a call.  

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