Jay Groce Photography | Family Portraits Colorado

Family Portrait Session - $350

This is my standard shoot, where we go somewhere beautiful and laugh and talk while I point a camera in your general direction. Afterwards, I'll do some magic and give you the best images from the shoot on a CD or jump drive (your preference).  The digital images are suitable for printing (to 24 x 36), or sharing online. 

 The price above includes the following things:

  • my undying adoration while photographing you

  • my time editing your images while smiling often at how wonderful you look

  • a full set of edited digital images, both in print size and in web size for sharing








That's it. I don't charge by the half hour or tack on any funky fees - my shoots are fun and light, so if we're having a good time, they could go two hours - whatever.  I STRONGLY believe in giving you your images. This is a service that some photogs won't provide, and others will provide for lots of money. I think the images will be worth way more to you in ten years than they are to me, so I'd rather you have them now, so you don't have to hunt me down later. If you're comparing prices - I ask that you keep that in mind.

(For Senior Pictures, please go to http://photos.jaygroce.com/senior-pictures)








Print Sales

I do sell prints on my site. They're $5-$10 for the regular size prints, and a little more for larger prints.  I am not a print seller, I am a photographer. I work with some amazingly good printers, so if print quality trumps price, I'd recommend letting me order your prints. But, everybody is different, and I want to leave that up to you. I will upload your pics to a secure section of my site so you can see them, and order prints if you like.  I make a small percentage per print, because it costs money to run a website as cool as I think mine is.  If you'd rather wait, that's cool.  I can recommend some good sites for ordering prints online, which will save you my cut - good if you're on a budget and don't mind uploading and managing that yourself.  I don't recommend Sams/Costco for pictures of people - the colors can be hit or miss. 









You can schedule an appointment right here on this site by going to the appointments page.  You can also call me at 303.618.1950 or email me at jaygrocephotos@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. The best pictures will be when the sun is low in the sky - so either early morning (before 10) or late afternoon (after 4).  I like to fill those spots first, and I like to shoot on the weekends when people are relaxed, so think about that when calling to schedule.